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Nitilar 3 years ago
OlГЎ, tudo bem, topa real? Me responda! Bjo
Salrajas 3 years ago
I 'beat' Cancer and thought that it was the worst thing in the world at the time, I wouldn't even put it on my worst enemy. Then shortly afterwards, I was divorced. Albeit not based on unfaithfulness on either side, I considered that experience to be more traumatizing emotionally than the Cancer was... and there were no children involved.
Kelkree 3 years ago
So much potential yet soo muchh frustration!
Vudorn 3 years ago
I had a situation that I read all wrong too. There was a Hottie McHotterson at my previous job, he was always really nice to me and would go out of the way to talk to me (at least that was how I perceived it) and he found out it was my birthday and invited me to lunch. I was kinda excited thinking he liked me, after the lunch I expressed my gratitude he said "No worries, I like to use any excuse to get out of the office for lunch."